Refractarios Especiales Cástel SA was founded in 1943 by Mr.Julián Castellà Curell with the purpose to provide to iron and non ferrous foundries specialized in refractory products based on coal, like crucible, bottom plates for ingot molds, caps, and nozzles and so on.

Manufacturing of the whole CÁSTEL’s range of products started in Barcelona. Although it was in San Baudilio de Llobregat where, from the seventies onwards, the whole production process was considerably improved by installing new presses and furnaces.

During the eighties, CÁSTEL developed a new agglomeration technology based on the resin basis. Thanks to this new technology of refractory products agglomeration, it expanded its range of products improving considerably their quality. However, at the beginning of the nineties, due to a mainly significant investment for new isostatic presses we could not afford, we decided to close down the production in San Baudilio de Llobregat selling the know-how about that new technology to a foreign company.

Thereafter, CÁSTEL moved to Rubi (Barcelona) and turned into a sales company commercializing products to the foundry industry exclusive distribution contracts from the world´s best established firm in the ferrous and non ferrous foundry market.

During the last decade, thanks to its professionalism and customer’s loyalty, CÁSTEL achieved to get into a privileged position, being a reference on its market.

Furthermore, we recently developed a new range of products that allows us to be presentin other sectors as ceramic, glass, welding, metal extrusion, insulation and so on.

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