FIXED CRUCIBLE FURNACES CASTEL for coquille melting of non ferrous metals with capacities of up to 900 kg of aluminum. The fixed furnace for non ferreous metals is designed to make the working conditions easier and more comfortable. The combustion gases of the furnace come out of the side chimney, so the extraction of the metal doesn’t cause discomforts due to an excessive heat radiation.

The waste of metal oxidation is minimized because the heat is isolated by the gases. Moreover, in this way we achieve purer alloys.

CRUCIBLES TILTING FURNACES CASTEL for ferrous and non ferreous metals with capacities of up to 3000 kg of copper, with both hydraulic or manual tilt.

The manual tilting furnace is fitted with a mechanism which makes it possible to be tilt up easily by an appropriate flywheel in upright position.

In its hydraulic version, the tilting of the furnace takes place from the spout, with variable speed in order to control the rhythm of the spreading.


The electrically heated crucible furnaces of NABERTHERM are characterized by a high melting performance with excellent temperature uniformity in melted condition.

In the 1200 ºC version aluminum and brass alloys can be melted. The 1300 ºC version can be employed to melt copper alloys.

The electrical furnaces Naberthem can be covered by brick insulation or also fiber insulation build up by low heat.

Four sided heating by electrical heater elements, free radiation over support tubes.

Heating of furnaces up to 24 kw by a tiristor switch with a long life and a low noise level.

Commutation of the heater by contactors in furnaces of up to 24 kW.

Temperature controller selector in the chamber of furnace.

Gas evacuation is not required. 

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