The thermal insulating or fireproof products are made for linings in industrial thermal installations. Their purpose is to reduce thermal losses based on a low thermal conductivity and a reduced air thermal capacity.            

The fireproof materials (thermal insulating) usually have a low porosity, about 45% at least; in reality it raises from 60 up until 90% and in some cases it can even reach 99%. That high porosity guarantees a low thermal conductivity and also produces a lower mechanical resistance, high gas permeability and a reduced corrosion resistance.

Thermal conductivity not only depends on the total porosity of the material, but also on pore size, form, structure and even morphologic composition with a different influences each. In fact, the magnitudes are responsible for the thermal flow and their conductivity of solid body, convection and radiation in function of the level of temperature. 

  • Light firebricks
  • Thermals insulating bricks
  • Calcium silicate materials
  • Calcium silicate insulating boards
  • Microporous insulating materials
  • Mineral foams
  • Mineral wool
  • Ceramic fiber blanket
  • Soluble fiber blanket
  • Ceramic fiber ladles
  • Vermiculite
  • Cords, tapes, laces, weatherstrips
  • Insulating glues and mounting accessories

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