Optical emission spectrometry is a relevant technique in the elementary analysis of solid metallic test tubes.

Helping with the professional and technical advise of our represented Analitical Instrumental Group, we distribute spectrometers and analytic equipment for iron and steel industry.

In the SOLARIS PLUS and ATLANTIS spectrometers we use the latest digital technology in multifrequency of by birth.

HEPS (High Energy Pre Spark) technique from 200 to 1000 Hz.


- It uses the latest technology with detectors as CCD
- Multi-matrix system
- Focal distance of500 mmwhich means the best resolution and performance.
- High resolution 2700 ir 3600 grooves/mm multiple CCD
- 140-800 nm spectral field
- Low consumption of Argon


 Simple, fast and reliable, Solaris CCD NF is good for:

- Small and medium non ferreous metal melting
- Pressure melting
- Quality control of received materials
- Hardware store and recycle of materials
- Motor industry
- High resolution CCD with 3648 pixels each
- Spectral range between 190 and 900 nm
- Specially designed for non ferreous metal melting.
- Software based on Windows MET32
- It can easily be updated for new software
- Optical  camera with focal distance of 500m for the highest resolution


- The last step forward in solution PMT, able to satisfy the lowest detection limits
- Designed to analyze the pure component
- Focal distance of 750 mm
- Spectral fields between 120 and 800 nm
- Two stage vacuum turbomolecular pump to detect the higher components
- Several shapes can fit up Atlantis, as whole PMT, total CCD or hybrid PMT/CCD with the intention to get the best performances from both processes


- Mobil spectrometer able to analyze all metal basis in one only unit
- Using spark technique it’s possible to discriminate steel  (from 0,01%)
- Possibility to work in Arc/Spark in a faster way for PMI and  a more precise Carbon analysis
- It’s possible to incorporate different carts by single unit depending on the land features

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